Help Us Get To A Safe Home!


I’ve seen tumblr do amazing things. From getting people enough notes to get fluffy chickens to creating safe havens and helping people get safe homes.

I’ve gotten to the point where there’s nowhere else to turn. I need your help.
My family home of 16 years is being foreclosed on. We have no clue where we’re going, and frankly, the bank doesn’t care. We have no money for bags to clean out the house or afford gas to the dump. We can’t afford to rent U-Hauls or even wrapping paper for cups and glasses.
This is where I turn to you. I’ve created an online fundraiser. I know, many of you don’t have the money to help. But I want you to spread this as far and wide as you can.
Send it to your favorite youtubers, or internet personalities. Try to get them to share it. Send it out on Facebook. We’re living in this house right now on borrowed time. I won’t waste time trying to sugar coat it. If we’re not gone by the time they give us an official date, people will come in and throw our things out onto the street. They do not care where we go. They just want us out.

I am currently untreated for severe (diagnosed) depression and anxiety. My father is disabled, and any apartment willing to take him in, won’t take myself or the animals in. They’ll barely take mom, and that’s because she’s of a certain age.

We are trying to find a house for rent, but we have to make a safety deposit. We have two weeks, maybe three if we’re lucky. My father makes barely 700 a month from his check, and if all that goes to rent, we won’t be able to pay for utilities, internet (so I can look for jobs in our new town), medicine, and other bills. His check doesn’t come in til the 3rd of every month. And that’s after they want us out.

Spread this as far as you can, and try to get people to help. I am asking, and I’m practically begging, because at this point it’s not about saving face or making sure i don’t seem ‘desperate’. It’s about making it out okay.

I am begging every last one of you to please foward this. If you can’t, for whatever reason, that’s fine. But please. I just want us to be okay. And with your help, we can be. And feel free to send me questions. But please do not question the legitimacy of my situation, because this is very real and very terrifying. And I wouldn’t be this desperate otherwise.

Thank you so so much.

I’m going to tag my main fandoms because I feel like you guys can help me out. Please don’t be upset to see this in the tag. Thank you for reading this.

Hello! This isn’t hate, and I’m so sorry for taking up your time, but if you take a moment to reblog this and perhaps donate if you have the spare money, it would mean the world to us! This person right here is such a sweetheart and they’ve been to hell and back recently, it would mean the world if you could do anything for them. They don’t deserve to be left out in the streets. Thank you so much in advance. ;o; You’re all wonderful sweet people. <3

~ Hira

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